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  • Cross chain Silver Bracelet

    This is a silver bracelet trendily designed with a set of chains crossing over each other but bound to the main one. It has a hook and eye to fasten it to the wrist. It weighs 9 grams

    $ 25.26
  • Scarlet floral bracelet

    This is a silver bracelet with ten flowers of scarlet linked to each other and main clip to get it onto your wrist. It weighs 12 grams.

    $ 35.96
  • Serenity of the Desert...

    This is a broad width silver bracelet with the design of the desert in peace with pictures of camels and palm trees etched onto it. It weighs 32 grams.

    $ 73.64
  • Design Joined Silver...

    This is a silver bracelet which has the design of rectangular and semi-round sheild attached to each other with intricate trantric patterns etched into them. It weighs 33 grams.

    $ 84.88
  • Double Plaited Silver...

    This silver bracelet is designed into two sets of plaits and joined together by hold clips and a fastener to get it around your wrist. It weighs 13 grams

    $ 39.56
  • Lapis and Garnet Silver...

    This is a beady bracelet where each silver bead is looped to the other and alternatvely embedded with a lapis and garnet stone. It has a click to fasten it to your wrist. It weighs 18 gram.

    $ 43.60
  • Woven Bracelet

    This is a silver bracelet which gives the appeal of it being woven with strands of silver tread between two parallel rails. It weighs 14 grams

    $ 30.00
  • Snake Scale Silver Bracelet

    This is a silver bracelet having the pattern of the snake's scale on its surface. It is fastened around the wrist with the help of a secure clip. It weighs 28 grams.

    $ 76.76