buddhist statues

This pose depicit vajradhara in his tantric aspect in embrace with his consort, Shakti.  Vajradhara is primordial Buddha, the one absolute power which creates itself, with no beginning and no end. This pose represents...

This is the statue of Akshobhya Buddha, the second in line of the Dhyani Buddha. It is a bronze coloured statue of the Buddha in a restive position with one arm on the lap and the other pointing towards the earth. He...

This is the statue of the Amitabha Buddha, the most ancient of the Dhyani Buddhas. Here he exhibits the Samadhi Mudra posture of meditation where both of his palms are rested on his lap with him in deep contemplation...

This dark coloured, 180 grams statue is of the laughing Buddha, who even though poor is content with life and hence has the everlasting smile of content on his face. It is said to favour good fortune on the person...

This is 532 grams statue of Buddha’s head which comes in a dark shade of bronze. It show the serenity of peace on his face and is best placed on a corner table for a proper placement room decor.
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